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Last night me and my coworkers got into a drunken argument over Gilmore Girls, and who Rory should have ended up with (Me: jess. Everyone else: Logan). 

Work upped my hours from 17 to 32 hours a week, which was awesome. None of the other part-timers were happy about it though (all of them wanted more hours too), and I've been told that there have been grumblings about it. Delighted by that a little bit, NGL.

The problem with sitting at a desk 8 hours a day is the weight gain... I am going to have to get into the habit of making my lunches in the morning :-< :-<  You do not want to know how many times this week I have eaten McDonalds.

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I totally agree about Jess... I only watched a few eps with Logan but STILL. was a total Dean girl while she was with Jess and then when he turned out to be a douche I really regretted it.

I am wasting so much money on eating lunch out these days... I know a few places that serve healthy lunches but still. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY AHHHH courtney why are you doing this.